Mediation is a non-adversarial, cooperative decision-making process in which a neutral third party, the mediator, assists parties in resolving disputes which have arisen between them.

How does it work?


Mediation – Divorce, parenting and family conflicts

Mediation can entail both court-ordered and voluntary mediation services. At NPS, mediation of

divorce and family conflicts emphasizes the child's best interest and strives for timely, effective

and detailed resolutions to be reached. One of the primary advantages of mediation is that it

offers a less expensive and more expeditious way of making decisions about topics that can

include but are not limited to:

Parenting plans

o Decision making

o Scheduling

o Co-parenting agreements

Child and spousal support

o Understanding guidelines for section 3 child support

o Resolving special (Section 7) expenses

Other divorce, parenting and family related issues

The end goal of mediation is to develop informal agreements that can be taken to respective legal counsels and formed into legal agreements. At NPS, we strive to ensure that mediation is efficient, timely, and effective so that children's best interests are always maintained. Additionally, mediation services performed at NPS are done confidentially and without prejudice, ensuring that a practical and helpful plan may be created without unnecessary delays.

What can I expect?


What to expect:

1. An initial session will be had that will outline the intake, informed consent, and fee arrangements

2. Sessions after that will occur in the best interest of the clients, and a resolution of the disputed issues will be resolved timely and effectively.

3. If a resolution is unable to be reached, clients will be encouraged to seek legal counsel for next steps.

4. Legal counsel can be present for mediation meetings, with prior notice.




Mediation - $300.00/Hour

*Clients who attend mediation at Norum Psychological Services could be eligible to have these services covered by insurance providers or may be used as a medical expense under the Revenue Canada rules.

Fees may be paid in the following ways:

o A retainer agreement is made, and funds are deposited into a secure NPS account.

o Credit card is billed for services rendered.

o Other forms of direct billing including billing a client’s trust account with legal counsel.

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