Miranda Desrochers (Currently On Maternity Leave)


Miranda is a Registered Psychologist in good standing with the College of Alberta Psychologists. She has a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from McGill University. Miranda’s clinical activities include interventions with children, youth, and families, formal psychoeducational and diagnostic assessment, and neurofeedback therapy. Miranda is certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (TF-CBT) and is trained in EMDR, Play Therapy, and EEGer neurofeedback therapy.

She has extensive experience working with children and families who have experienced complex trauma and attachment disruptions. She specializes in working with children, youth, and families using EMDR and related interventions to strengthen parent-child attachment, and to resolve trauma and related problematic behaviours. ​

Miranda is an EEGer neurofeedback practitioner and integrates neurofeedback therapy when working with children. She is also trained in providing comprehensive psychoeducational and diagnostic assessments for ADHD, Learning Disorders, Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Emotional Regulation Difficulties, Giftedness, and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) using standardized instruments.

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