X-ray of brain showing brain activity

Neurofeedback is a computer based method that utilizes brain wave patterns (obtained via EEG) in order to help with attention, mood, memory, sleep, and other symptoms. We offer two kinds of neurofeedback: Low Energy Neurofeedback Systems (LENS) and EEGR.

How does it work?


Neurofeedback may be utilized as the primary treatment approach, or as an adjunct to other therapies. Patients across the lifespan, from young children to older adults, have benefited from LENS and EEGR. Both neurofeedback methods involve being hooked up to a EEG apparatus in order to identify problematic brain wave patterns. EEGR utilizes reward based activities that are preformed during the session.


LENS, or Low Energy Neurofeedback System, is a unique and effective form of neurotherapy that facilitates changes in people of all ages with a wide variety of presenting issues. As a result, it has the capacity to address numerous symptoms and deficits. It is remarkably effective, and over 85% of people who have used the LENS have benefited significantly from it. Results can be seen quickly, often beginning within the first session, and are lasting.

What can I expect?


Unlike LENS sessions, EEGR neurofeedback sessions  require conscious effort and attention to stimuli by the client. Sessions last between 30-45 minutes each.

On the other hand, LENS does not require any focused attention, and the person does not need to do anything specific during the session.  This makes LENS an excellent option for all individuals, including those who are unable to attend for lengthy periods of time and/or who are unable to understand instructions.



We follow the recommended fees set forth by the Psychologists' Association of Alberta. 

  • LENS sessions are typically 30 minutes and are a flat fee of $150
  • EEGR sessions are typically 30 minutes and are a flat fee of $150

Billing may also occur in 10 minute increments for services done outside the therapy hour such as phone calls, writing letters, etc., letters and will be charged based on the hourly rate of the therapist for the service rendered. Sessions are billed based on the actual time, not the estimated time.

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