Taylor Norum


Taylor Norum is a registered psychologist in good standing with the College of Alberta Psychologists and a member of the Psychologists Association of Alberta. He holds a Master of Science in Forensic Psychology with a specialization in Mental Health from Walden University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Taylor is a member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, EMDRIA and EMDR Canada, Family Mediation Canada, and the Alberta Family Mediation Society. He has also been appointed as a Parenting Expert in the Court of Kings Bench.


Taylor Norum's therapeutic philosophy revolves around the belief that substantial progress arises from facing challenges rather than seeking easy solutions, aiming to help clients truly improve and reach their full potential. He prioritizes individual well-being, tailoring therapy to each person's unique needs. With a foundation in psychoanalytic and cognitive psychology, along with expertise in EMDR, Taylor offers a holistic approach to addressing the root causes of mental health issues. He considers emotions, cognitive processes, and unconscious influences in his practice. Taylor is equally dedicated to addressing family dynamics and parenting concerns, employing a comprehensive family therapy approach that incorporates conflict resolution and forgiveness strategies. As a parenting coach, he provides up-to-date parenting education and research, fostering a non-judgmental environment to support and enhance caregivers' skills. Taylor brings specialized experience in supporting families and neurodiverse children, adeptly addressing the intricate challenges these children and their families face.


In Taylor's forensic psychology practice, his scope of expertise encompasses co-parenting counseling, parent coaching, as well as evaluative and therapeutic interventions in accordance with Practice Note 7. Additionally, Taylor is an adept mediator with a primary focus on mediating divorce and family conflicts, with particular emphasis on addressing parenting and co-parenting issues. This mediation process encompasses a wide range of topics, including divorce and separation concerns, decision-making within parenting roles, co-parenting strategies, scheduling arrangements, child and spousal support matters, and other pertinent family issues. Taylor also offers individual parenting assessments and parenting capacity assessments designed to evaluate parenting capacity and assess potential risks.

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