Taylor Norum


Taylor Norum is a registered psychologist in good standing with the College of Alberta Psychologists. He has a Master's of Science in Forensic Psychology specializing in Mental Health from Walden University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is an EMDR therapist and has received extensive training in treating PTSD and complex trauma disorders. Taylor also has experience working with individuals, couples and families in various settings and capacities, including families with children/youth/adults with developmental disabilities and delays.​

Taylor's clinical practice integrates EMDR with psychoanalytic and cognitive psychology, ensuring that therapy gets to the root of mental health problems. Taylor views the individuals wholly, incorporating all aspects of an individual in the therapeutic process. This can involve feelings, emotions, cognitive processes and deep conscious and unconscious processes that affect individuals each day.

Taylor believes that therapy needs to be challenging rather than easy. He believes that treatment is about being better rather than just feeling better and ensures that clients are challenged throughout the process to reach their potential. Taylor holds the clients' well-being highly and ensures that therapy will be beneficial to each person.

Taylor Norum is also a practicing mediator focusing on the mediation of divorce and family conflicts, primarily mediating parenting and co-parenting issues. This can include topics related to the child's best interests, decision-making, co-parenting, scheduling, child and spousal support, and other family matters. Taylor's education in Forensic psychology gives him the ability to understand the legal and psychological ramifications of divorce and parenting and a keen understanding of the interplay of notions like the best interests of the child and other legal and psychological terms. Taylor has extensive experience working with families and understands the various family dynamics that exist. Taylor works to reach concrete and efficient resolutions to couples' and family problems and ensures that the plans made in mediation can be easily translated into orders so that families can move forward in the best possible way.

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