Alma Fourie


Alma has a PhD Diaconiology, specializing in Play Therapy, from the University

of South Africa, as well as a Master of Commerce Degree, majoring in Industrial

Psychology, from Stellenbosch University, South Africa. She also received her

Higher Diploma in Education from Stellenbosch University, South Africa. She is a

Registered Counsellor in good standing with the Canadian Counselling and

Psychotherapy Association

Alma brings over 25 years of experience working with children, youth, adults and

parents. She specializes in working with children using Play Therapy and related

interventions to resolve trauma and related behaviors. Play therapy is a way of

being with the child that honors their unique developmental level and looks for

ways of helping in the language of the child, namely play.

In South Africa she worked as a School Psychologist for the Western Cape

Education Department. She immigrated to Canada during 2007 and has since

worked in Calgary as a therapist at Rocky Mountain Psychological Services,

owner of her own private practice, as Clinical Manager at Homewood Health, as

the Director of Housing at The Mustard Seed, as the Executive Director at

Brenda Strafford Centre for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, as well as

Principal Director Programs and Operations at Sonshine Community Services in


She also teaches Play Therapy as well as Health Psychology at university level.

She realizes the importance of providing trauma informed care services to

clients. Her research interest includes Play Therapy, adverse childhood

experiences, and trauma informed practices. She has presented at conferences

in South Africa, Calgary, Banff, San Diego, Ottawa, Honolulu and Taiwan. She

has a passion for working with children and creating a safe relationship in which

the child may freely express their feelings and share what is happening in their


Alma also believes in practicing self-care. Her self-care activities include

exercising, having coffee at her favorite coffee shop, camping, reading,

journaling, and or going on a road trip adventure.

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