Kim Alexander


Kim Alexander is a registered psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists and a member of

the Psychologists Association of Alberta and EMDR Canada. She has a Master of Education in Counselling

Psychology from the University of Calgary, and professional training in group therapy and EMDR. Kim

has worked as a therapist with individual adults in the public system and private practice for the past 25

years. She has broad experience working with addictions, mood disorders, chronic pain, OCD and both

developmental and acute trauma. Kim’s trauma-informed approach is grounded in the integration of

cognitive-behavioral, schema, psychodynamic and EMDR therapies. She believes that lasting, positive

change is attainable when unhealthy behavior patterns, compulsions and irrational beliefs are actively

addressed in, and between, therapy sessions. Kim regards therapy as a collaborative process toward

health and is passionate about the pursuit of self-actualization.

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