Sandy Ashton


Sandy Ashton (she/her), is a Registered Provisional Psychologist –  with a graduate degree in psychology with emphasis in marriage and family therapy (MFT) from California Southern University. Sandy has an undergraduate degree in music (BAMU) from Rocky Mountain College and previously devoted 10 years towards students' musical growth.

Sandy is an EMDRIA-approved, EMDR therapist who also utilizes psychological models and theories from ego state therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, towards effective reprocessing of trauma, strength building, cognitive rewiring, and resilience building. Sandy works with individual clients ages 16 years old and up, sees herself as a guide with her clients, who finds joy in encouraging their uniqueness, and walking with clients as they look to future goals for hope, towards healing and restoration.  

Additionally, Sandy utilizes Gottman therapy methods along with Emotionally Focused Therapy methods for couples within her own therapeutic model to work with couples as they target their presenting struggles in their relationships. Communication, working through affairs, trust rebuilding, and/or other points of conflict within relational units are areas in which couples work together, with Sandy, to find renewed and hopeful reconnection.

Sandy has experience working with various traumas including first responders’ work-related disturbances in nursing, Calgary police, 911 operators, firefighters, and their families. She also has various experience working with clients who have suffered from childhood trauma, sexual trauma, grief, and other traumatic disturbances.

Sandy is continuing to work under the supervision of Registered Psychologist, Dr. Sara Norum, while growing and developing clinical expertise towards eventual psychological registration.

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